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In: England 

Age: 37 years

Height: 5.9

I define myself: I am a non-judgmental individual, who respects individuality, ethnicity, race, diversity, and multicultural societies that live in harmony. I do not appreciate being used or manipulated by others as I am always a very straightforward individual, who does not hide anything from anyone and I always ask others to be as honest as they possible can be, I am not asking that much, and respect certainly goes a long way, what you see is what you get. I may not be a prince charming, but, I am always me, myself and I. I am the son my existence and my father called existence, has given me this life to be enjoyed, so, that is what I do everyday. Traveling, learning new skills, talking to people, living life the way it should be, giving a real purpose to life itself and its meaningfulness shall endure. We all argue about simple things, life is certainly way too short, so, I make the most of what life is providing, if I am here for a reason then, let me be my own true inspiration to reveal its true potential, whether that is finding happiness here, or, do something that is worthy. I am an human being who questions everything and learn from those intriguing matters that keeps me going, whether that is life, people, and my very own existence. How do i spend my free time? , i love going out with my friends, but, i also like to stay at home and watch a good movie, listening to the latest albums around, learning something that can keep my brain in the right track, either a new language, or even, a new hobby. what people notice about me? Honesty, readiness to help others, sensitivity, intelligence and a will to learn new skills. I am always learning new things, whether that is a Language, or, anything that can have a tremendous impact in my life, whether that is spiritual or mental. I am talkative, Stubborn, Genuine, Respectful, Kind, I always help those that really need help, I am a good friend and a good listener, I do not criticize, I do not disregard people for being different, I accept people for who they are and for what they stand up for. I just hope people can see the real me, the person that is within me, that is all I ask. The most influential person in my life? My mother is the most respectful, genuine and committed person there is. She has been the light of my soul and mind, she has given me the inspiration to fight my true ideals as well as providing the support I always needed to achieve whatever life is throwing at me, that is why, my mother has been the most influential person in my life, she deserves to have my utmost respect and consideration. Everyone else that comes into my life influences me in so many ways, and individuals always contribute one way or the other whether that is, enhancing one's skills, or simply, by talking to them and learn the way they talk, act, and behave.

Webcam: No
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